Antiparasitics for dogs and cats

We know how important the health and well-being of your furry friend is. That is why, at Lara Vital, we offer you a selection of the best antiparasitics and repellents for dogs and cats. 

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Types of dog dewormers

When it comes to protecting your dog from parasites, product variety and quality are key. At Laravital, we understand that every pet is unique and that there is no one-size-fits-all solution. That's why we offer a wide range of pest control products, including:

Deworming collars

 These Collars offer continuous protection and are ideal for long-term prevention. Trusted brands such as Seresto and Scalibor are available.

Deworming Pipettes

Perfect for targeted, fast-acting protection. We have top-notch options such as Naturextra, which adapt to the specific needs of your dog and cat according to their weight and size.

Sprays and lotions

Ideal for quick, area-specific application, our sprays and lotions are safe and effective, even for puppies and youngsters.

Anti-parasite shampoos

 These shampoos not only clean your dog, but also offer an extra layer of protection against parasites, leaving your pet with a shiny, healthy coat.

Each type of dewormer has its own advantages. It is important to consider your pet's lifestyle, age, and environment when choosing the most suitable product.

Antiparasitic recommendations

To ensure maximum protection for your pet, we recommend a combination of deworming products. For example, a deworming collar for continuous protection supplemented with regular applications of pipettes can be an effective strategy against a wide range of parasites. It is also vital to consider the age and size of your pet when selecting the right product to ensure its safety and efficacy.

At LaraVital, we are committed to your pet's health and happiness. Explore our new category of dewormers and repellents for dogs and cats, and find the perfect solution to protect your best friend from parasites. Because when your pet is protected, you can both enjoy the best of life together.

The best dewormers for dogs

Designed to protect your pet from those pesky and dangerous parasites. From fleas and ticks to disease-carrying mosquitoes, our products are here to ensure your dog enjoys life to the fullest, hassle-free.

Choosing the right pest control is crucial, and luckily we have a wide range of options. From long-lasting collars to fast-acting pipettes and easy-to-apply sprays, we've got everything you need to keep your dog protected. And let's not forget about deworming shampoos, perfect for those dogs who love to roll in the grass and explore every nook and cranny.