Payment Methods

Here at LaraVital, we offer different payment methods to make your purchase as easy as possible.

  • Using a credit/debit card via the online store payment platform. This is a high-security connection that puts you directly in contact with your bank, cutting the middle man out of your purchase.
  • Using a credit/debit card via the Banco Santander Secure e-Commerce platform that we have in our office. With this payment method, you can call, we will ask for your card details and the charge will be made automatically. Your card details will not be registered or encrypted. Our customer service team will not leave any written record or retain this data by any means, always respecting and complying with data protection legislation. Both platforms currently accept the following types of card: Visa, MasterCard, Maestro y American Express, as well as 4B, Red 60000 and Servired, as well as foreign cards.
  • By bank transfer. By means of a transfer into a bank account held with Banca March in the name of Huellas de Lara, S.L., account number: ES62 0061 0332 6500 3627 0119. The order will be placed when the bank transfer is confirmed, in approximately 48 hours. If you wish to streamline your order, we request that you send us a receipt for the transfer to
  • Cash on delivery. Payment to the courier when the product is delivered to the place you have stipulated. According to Act 34/2014, published on 27 March 2014, a surcharge of 3% will be charged since it is deemed that this is the real cost incurred for the transaction made. This payment method is optional and you can make use of any of our free payment methods. Only valid on the Iberian Peninsula.

If you have any doubts regarding payment management, please get in contact with us.

Our customers' bank details are encrypted and transferred securely to an authorisation server, where they will be verified in collaboration with their bank, avoiding any possibilities of tampering, fraud or interferences.