Flea or anti parasite collars for dogs

Give your best friend the protection he deserves with our range of pest collars for dogs. These collars not only keep fleas, ticks and other parasites at bay, but are also a safety barrier for your home and family.

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Flea collars, what are they for 

Deworming collars are essential for keeping your dog free from annoying and potentially harmful parasites. They work by continuously releasing small doses of chemical or natural compounds onto your pet's skin and coat, creating a protective shield against fleas, ticks and lice. This method not only relieves your dog of the discomfort and itching, but also prevents the transmission of serious diseases. It is important to choose a collar that is right for your dog, considering factors such as the materials of manufacture and the length of protection offered by the manufacturer.

Deworming collars provide a convenient and long-lasting way to protect your dog. By gradually dispersing through the skin and coat, these collars ensure complete coverage, protecting not only your pet, but also your home from infestations. Selecting the right collar is crucial, as it should be tailored to your dog's specific needs and the environment in which he lives.

How to use deworming collars for dogs?

Using a deworming collar is simple but requires attention to detail to maximise its effectiveness. Simply place the collar around your dog's neck,  there is enough room to slip two fingers between the collar and the skin. This fit ensures comfort and allows the collar to properly release its active ingredients. Collars, such as the Seresto brand, can last up to 8 months, offering a long-lasting solution compared to other treatments that require monthly applications. Each collar has a unique mechanism of action, such as Seresto which uses imidacloprid and flumethrin for effective flea and tick protection. Scalibor is another popular choice that lasts for 6 months and is especially effective against the mosquito that transmits leishmaniasis. It is vital to follow the manufacturer's instructions to ensure effective and safe protection.

Types and brands of deworming collars for dogs

There are a wide variety of deworming collars on the market today, each with its own unique characteristics and active ingredients designed to meet different needs. Notable brands include Seresto, known for its long-lasting protection, and Scalibor, favoured for its efficacy against the leishmaniasis mosquito. For more sensitive dogs, there are natural, chemical-free options, such as collars made with margosa or lavender extracts, which offer skin-friendly and effective protection against parasites. Choosing the right collar for your dog will depend on your dog's lifestyle, skin sensitivity and the types of parasites most common in your area.