Professional Customers: Shops, Veterinary Clinics and Breeders

If you have a shop, a veterinary clinic, kennel or cattery or if you are a breeder and you want to sell our animal feeds, you can contact us by email or phone.

  • E-mail:
  • Telephone: 965 76 76 76

If you are already one of our professional customers and you want to make an order, you also need to do this by email or phone. Before finalising your order, we will send you a confirmation request for it. Once you've confirmed your order, we will send it out to you.

The delivery times are the same as those for our private clients: 24-48 hours if you place your order before 5:30 pm and it does not weigh over 140kg. Shipping costs are included.

If the shipment is a pallet (over 140kg) and you order before 1:30 pm, it will reach you within 24/48 hours. If you place your order after this time, it will take one day longer to reach you.