“Who we are” has become a compulsory part of any website. Describing "who we are" remembering the origins of Luposan in Spain is completely different from "who we are" today. 

The "who we are" of the beginning of 2002 would be about Lara, my German Sheppard, and me. Innocent beginnings, without commercial expectations or knowledge. I was simply someone who loved my Lara and was worried because she had chronic diarrhea I could not stop with any dog food. I could only soothe her intestinal infection with cortisone and other medicines the names of which I cannot now remember.

Nuestra Lara

On a trip to Germany in 2002 I took Lara with me in my van. There, in Germany, without knowing  of what would happen in later years, I tried a new food for Lara. That food was called "Luposan". It did not exist in Spain and searching for it on Google gave "No results". As I was in Germany I visited the manufacturer and asked them to send me one 20kg bag a month for Lara, as this food had "miraculously" cured her diarrhea and vomiting. I was so happy I wept when I found this food, and I thanked God for the answer to my prayers and the curing of my beloved Lara. In Spain little by little my neighbours, acquaintances, friends, when they saw the results, began to ask me for this food and thus, without my having planned or looked for it, my orders for food from the German company began gradually to grow and grow ...In the first year I ordered 15 - 20 bags a month ... What a difference compared with today when I receive various freezer trucks a week! And all of this without any sick desire for money, fame or being a big man. I live the same humble life I had in 2002, perhaps with a lot more stress, enslaved as I am by the amount of work the company brings to me.

"Who we are" is Lara and me. Lara is not with me any more but we started off together, she led me to discover this food which for me is the best in the world because it cured her. 

For that reason the "who we are today" is called "Huellas de Lara" S.L., the name we gave to our company (Ltd.).


The "who we are today" is the result of growth travelling together through the years of our lives. More than simply a business or the result of the "Pet boom" which has been going on for many years, our company is the result of many people like you, customers and friends, dog lovers, people full of feelings and great love for animals. You want the best for your dogs, and receive from them a unique education learning to respect and value nature and animals.

Over the years we grew as the adventure went on, creating at the company a human team conveying a passion for animals, an indispensable requirement for belonging to the "Huellas de Lara" family. In our team in addition to the sales staff who deals directly with the public (orders, problem-solving, billing, etc.) we now have computer technicians, social media specialists, designers, accountants, business consultants, personnel and customer attention training, etc.

In 2007 we launched the "Natural-Extra" brand, a more refined and complete food with more "extras", thinking at that time about what my Lara needed.

With this introduction of "Who we are" I want to THANK everyone who has worked with us, people I do not forget, and all of the family in the company today. But especially, sincere thanks to all our friends and customers, true dog-lovers, because you have made it possible for this food to set foot in Spain bringing health and long life to thousands of pets throughout Spain, Portugal, Andorra, Mallorca, the Canary Islands ...

Thanks for these special experiences with all of you, for every piece of advice, conversation or phone call, journey, problem and claim resolved because all of these experiences over all of these years made it possible for "Huellas de Lara", and all of its products, to be an "exceptional"  company because it "goes above and beyond" what the law, duty and obligation require. 



You, our friends and customers, are the key because if we had had customers who cared more about the "peseta" than about their pets and quality service, we would not have been able to develop a luxury service bringing food in refrigerated trucks from Germany, packing and sending the food in thermal-protective boxes  using reputable and efficient delivery firms, thus protecting the ingredients against decay and early write-off, etc. All of this special treatment to protect products sensitive to heat and damp means we have to invest more. I think you who decide to buy Luposan, Markus-Mühle and Natural-Extra from us are exclusive customers who love their pets and who seek with all their love to provide the best for their four-legged friends, for that reason we have been able to respond and offer you a unique personalised pet service.

We like working with you because you want the best: quality, confidence and security and for that reason it was possible to create a "Super Premium" company, respected and of high quality, of which I am the first to be proud, as I imagine many of you are who have been faithfully by our side for many years.

I call many customers "fanatics", with all respect, for Natural-Extra or Luposan as their word of mouth is our best advertising! And this has nothing to do with marketing, as you talk about our products from the heart and with conviction!

We go on surrounded by the silent bequest left to us by Lara which is "Huellas de Lara S.L." We continue without stopping and without losing our initial vision putting pets and their needs first, not making Huellas de Lara just another business, cold and without scruples. And although Lara has left us we still fight day to day, protecting our products as much as possible, creating new products for the welfare of our dear friends. Now launching Natural-Extra cosmetic products made conscientiously, seeking and selecting the best natural essences of mother nature for your best friends...

Thank you for everything!!! We are happy if we make pets happy, because a healthy and happy pet means a happy and proud owner!

Conrado and all the team of Natural-Extra, Luposan and Markus-Mühle.