Don't worry, we also deliver it to you on Saturdays so that your best friend doesn't run out of food! Entrega Especial Sábado - LaraVital

If you have forgotten to place an order or you need it urgently, or for your convenience, we can deliver it to you on Saturday; we offer you this express service at a small surcharge.

You should place your order on Friday before 5pm, ticking the online option for SPECIAL SATURDAY DELIVERY. You will receive it between 9am and 1pm on Saturday at your home or at the delivery address that you choose.

The costs are the following:

  • Up to 21 kg: 2 euros
  • From 21 to 42 kg: 5 euros
  • From 42 kg up to 63 kg: 8 euros

Important: do not forget that from 9am to 1pm someone needs to be at the delivery address.

This service is only valid for mainland Spain.

If you have any questions for the Saturday delivery, call us at +34 956 76 76 76 and together we will try to find a solution.