Buying Naturextra feed means acquiring experience, pedigree and German technology under the highest European quality controls.

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Naturextra was born out of love for Lara, his dog. A German shepherd who has given us our name and a different business philosophy based on respect and natural awareness. That has motivated us to create a food for dogs in harmony with nature: a healthy diet for the furry 4-legged dogs that live with people. The health and well-being of your dog is our priority, which is why we cold process and pellet-press our feed to preserve the proteins, vitamins, oils, minerals, trace elements and the natural aroma and flavour of the raw material we use: as natural as possible. Naturextra exists solely to improve the life of your faithful furry companion and for you to enjoy it with him - naturally! This is the happiness of its founder, Conrado, not to sell feed, but to "sell" health, well-being and long life to these wonderful 4-legged creatures that fill our lives with so much love and loyalty.