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LUPO Mineral - Pellets

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LUPO Mineral contains minerals of organic origin and freeze-dried marine mollusc proteins (MMP) necessary for the formation and preservation of bones.

Ideal to cover the mineral needs in the growth phase.

Recommended for dogs of all ages, preferably from 8 months of age.

Active, biological and natural supplement

 LUPO Mineral supplements the additional mineral requirements of pregnant and lactating bitches. It is ideal for mineral prophylaxis in adult and elderly dogs.

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Nourishing supplement for the skeletal system. Ideal mineral support for puppies and young dogs during the growth phase. Also recommended for pregnant bitches who need a balanced ratio of protein and minerals.  The protein contained in LupoMineral is not denatured and therefore acts efficiently as a transport system for minerals.

 LupoMineral contains many minerals of organic origin, in particular freeze-dried proteins, which are necessary for the formation and maintenance of bones in dogs of all ages. It is a natural, biological and active supplement. Above all, it is essential to administer it during the growth phase to cover mineral requirements. Do not overdo it, as many people think that the more calcium they give their puppy, the more it will grow and the healthier its bones will be, but "more" does not always mean "better". Minerals are vital and necessary, but too much calcium can lead to bone problems in adult dogs and, in puppies, to over-calcification or early stiffening of the epiphyseal.

 Lupo Mineral's unique formula containing freeze-dried marine mollusc protein and freeze-dried calf bones ensures that minerals such as calcium are absorbed directly through the intestinal wall and distributed throughout the body to nourish and deposit throughout the skeletal system.


 Ground veal bones, freeze-dried Perna Canaliculus green lip mussel protein, freeze-dried veal bone protein, cold-pressed rapeseed oil and silica.


Analytical constituents:

 Crude protein 33%.

Crude fat 9,5 %.

Crude fibre 1,2 % Crude fibre 1,2

Burnt residue 38

Calcium 12 % Calcium 12 % Phosphorus 6

Phosphorus 6 %.

Recommended method of use:

 The ideal way to supply Lupo Mineral to our companion is to mix it with the food, in case of dry feed moisten it a little with water. For wet food, mix a small amount until the contents are uniform. It can also be given with a little natural yoghurt without sugar.

Recommended amount (daily):

 Adult weight     Dry food                  Wet food             Homemade food

Up to 10 kg        1/2 tablespoon          1 tablespoon             2 tablespoons

Up to 20 kg              1 spoonful             2 spoonfuls                 3 spoonfuls

Over 20 kg          2 tablespoons          3 tablespoons              4 tablespoon

Pregnant and lactating dogs: from the 30th day of pregnancy, the dose should be doubled.

 Store in a cool, dry place!